New Theme, Plenty of updates!

Hey guys. If you’ve visited the site recently then you may have realized that the main page’s theme went a little wonky. I still have no idea what went wrong as I have the same theme (except it is obviously edited for coppermine instead of wordpress) on the gallery, and it is fine. I tried to reupload the theme and see if that would fix it, but now it won’t let me reupload it. So for now the main site and the gallery are going to be a bit different.

As far as updates go, all of the tv show promos & stills for A-D have been uploaded, as well as musical groups whose name start with a a number, IE: 30 Seconds to Mars, and male celebrities whose name start with a number, IE: 2Chainz, and I am currently working on uploading candids for female celebrities whose name start with A. I also have a bit of a backlog (all seasons of 12 monkeys, and working on 24 seasons now) of screencaps to upload. I will also be starting a fanart gallery and will likely conduct a contact form for any and all fanart related requests.

Keep an eye out for new and upcoming updates.