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Hey everyone. The site is currently under reconstruction due to an error during the update process of the gallery. An error occurred that I could not figure out how to fix, and the only solution I saw was to uninstall, then reinstall coppermine, which means I lost everything I had uploaded. Please be patient with me while I work to fill the gallery back up.

In the meantime I have exciting news. I have decided to include multiple new options for the site. The gallery will be much cleaner, with the seasons of tv shows broken down by episodes, if it can be.

I also have decided to have a separate gallery that will house tons of screencaps from shows, movies, and any videos I can find from the actors and actresses that will be included on this site.

Lastly I decided to reopen the wordpress side of the site so that I can include in-depth bios, filmography, discographies, and more of the actors and actresses that will be included on this site. I will also include in-depth information on tv shows and movies also included on this site. It will be a work in progress and if anyone has the time to help out with the information portion of the site, I would greatly appreciate the help.

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